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Each tooth in your bite pattern has a specific shape. Sometimes genetic and environmental factors can cause a tooth to develop at an incorrect shape, in an unhealthy position.

Left untreated, the misshapen tooth could eventually fracture, or damage another tooth. This may be a fracture or a loss of tooth enamel. Even no serious damage occurs, a misshapen tooth could leave you with an unattractive smile.

In a case like this Dr. Madalina Iorgulescu and her team can often replace the tooth’s enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown. This treatment process starts with the dentist removing the remaining enamel. The underlying dentin layer within will eventually serve as an anchor your new dental crown.

The dentist will create a detailed impression if the tooth and the surrounding area. This impression will be sent to a professional dental lab. There, your crown will be created from dental grade porcelain, which can be shaded to match the neighboring teeth.

You will return to Morristown & Summit Prosthodontics when your new dental crown is ready. Dr. Madalina Iorgulescu will then use a strong dental adhesive to cement the crown in place.

If you are in the Summit, New Jersey, area and you have a misshapen tooth in your smile, you should call 908-273-0884 and make an appointment at Morristown & Summit Prosthodontics.