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Your child needs to have a dental checkup administered twice each year by a professionally trained dentist to both clean their teeth and monitor the development of their mouth. Each of these appointments will also include a thorough dental exam to detect any early signs of tooth decay or periodontal health problems.  


If Dr. Madalina Iorgulescu finds trapped bacterial deposits embedded on the biting surfaces of your child’s permanent molars and premolars she might recommend applying dental sealants. They are a special type of dental resin that she carefully paints onto the biting surfaces on each back tooth.  


The treatment process can often be performed at the end of their routine dental checkup to ensure that the tooth enamel is completely free of any latent bacterial material. Once the dental resin has been applied, the dental sealants will be hardened with a special ultraviolet light to create a strong bond between the dental sealants and your natural tooth enamel.


The dental sealants will be very durable. For some individuals, they can last for up to ten years and will not easily wear away by their daily oral hygiene routine.  


If you live in the Summit, New Jersey, area and you are concerned about the health of your child’s teeth, you should call 908-273-0884 to set up a dental checkup at Morristown & Summit Prosthodontics.