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Denture Wearers with Sleep Apnea Might Appreciate a Tongue Stabilizing Device

April 27, 2017

Sleep apnea can be a significant problem for your sleep quality and overall quality of life. Fortunately, there are a wide range of options that can help mitigate symptoms like snoring and periodic breathing interruption. Professional diagnosis will help determine the severity of your sleep apnea and the most applicable treatment methods available.

If you suffer from severe sleep apnea, you will likely need to sleep with positive air pressure from a CPAP machine. If you suffer from mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, you might find symptom relief from a prescription sleep guard from Morristown & Summit Prosthodontics.

A tongue stabilizing device might be necessary if you have dentures because the unit doesn’t need to attach to the teeth in any way. It helps hold your tongue and soft palate in position to mitigate snoring and improve air flow.

It’s important to clean the sleep guard every morning by brushing away plaque or bacterial residue with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish. You might also want to brush your tongue to clean away bacteria and freshen your breath. Make sure to thoroughly dry the snore guard with a clean paper towel and store it in the case provided.

If you live in the Summit, New Jersey, area and you’ve been suffering with sleep apnea, you should call 908-273-0884 to explore your night guard treatment options at Morristown & Summit Prosthodontics.

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